Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mandala Healing

The Mandala, simply put, is a circle but it means so much more. 
It is wholeness and unity, beauty and harmony and the way in to contemplate who you are and at the same time the way to see yourself in and as the entire Universe. 
The mandala that is you, the body, mind and spirit, the holistic energy that is in and of the Universe functions best when connected rather than separated; connected to self, to your biology, to your food, to your passions, to your truth; connected to others; connected to nature and to Source, Spirit, Synchronicity, Divine, God,
 the Universe...whatever that is which offers you peace, awe, love and belonging.
It is my belief that most all of our problems, physical, mental and spiritual are the result of our feeling separate from our bodies, from others, from our communities, from our world and from our Divine. 
We are imprisoned by our separateness and we suffer for it. 
It is my intention in this blog to share with you many facets of a healing journey and how they reconnect with the whole. 
The only journey I can truly share is my own, though I have been honored to play a part in my client's healing journeys. Everything I share is obviously my own experience, my own perspective.  I intend it to be helpful, to connect, to bring us together, to heal.  It is not the only way. It is not the right way. It is the way that works for me.  I hope it will be helpful to you.  I offer it with love.













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